Mox Vario

(soon I’m changing) 


Human metamorphosis & exposing the wild self. 


What a bizarre thing it is to be human. I mean we all have the basic instincts of waking up, getting food, protecting what’s yours and to re-produce but the countless things in-between these and many others is what make us so, well, Human.


In this series I want to explore the dark corners of people’s minds. I don’t mean evil, darkness doesn’t always mean bad. It could be good or a secret or a deep held desire, even thoughts that have long been forgotten. I’m trying to explore these forgotten desires and wanting.  Look at yourself long and hard and remember those feelings that we all have had, thoughts pushed to the side or have merely faded like last week’s shopping list.  Put on that mask and bask in your learnings.

Through Portrait photography, and my passion of black and white photography I want to show humanity that these thoughts and feeling are a normal part of life.