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Dyke Stories

Mr Retroviral-Fastfood-Lube

So this photographer's day mostly begins with getting up at 4:50 (ten minutes turd time) then kettle on and into a very human morning of coffee, BBC news, Pog's pills and looking for mysteries on the news feed. Today's oddest being 'We had to charge him!' Feeling informed and ready to get on with the day I drop the hubby James off at work then - if not going to mum's - it's off to Devil's Dyke for a walk with the Pog. Now Devil's Dyke honestly is one of my favourite places in the world, full of beauty, a lovely drive and Pog adores it. We come here whenever the opportunity arises but beauty is different things for different reasons. It's also a haven for the odds, the sexuals, the bizarre and the twats.  I really don't care what people get up to here. As long as no-one gets hurt and you're considerate then knock yourself out have a blast. Just please stop leaving all your crap up here. It's fucking disrespectful and ruins it for everyone else. And Pog really doesn't want to sniff Mr retroviral-fastfood-lube shopping and l'm bored (as is James) of picking all your shit up. Whatever your escape is look after it always. 

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