• Zachary Innes-Mulraine

Remember those, who might have forgotten.

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

So among everything that is going on in the world and the utter shift in all societies, trying to fight the invisible fight and reading the incredible stories from the bravest of people I wanted to share a little story about how doing the smallest of gestures can help both involved.

After a couple of weeks of worrying, being quite ill and self isolating I finally got to have a video chat with my mum. She’s in a care home and suffers from Alzheimers. My immediate worry when the care home (quite rightly) went on lockdown to protect everyone, was mum would forget us. I know this is inevitable but seeing mum as much as possible, would I hope, keep us in focus and importantly remembered.

And speaking to mum today on FaceTime put my mind at rest and I hope mum’s as well. Thank you to all those care staff that help our loved ones, I cannot thank you enough.